Oil field Products and Services
Oil Fields ProductsBio Blend Technology is pleased to offer specialty blends and services to the oil field, bulk storage and refinery industry. Our products provide an alternative for environmentally responsible companies who appreciate the need to use less toxic sustainable products. Using cutting edge technology, BioBlend products offer the industrial user powerful and effective specialty products without the environmental or personal hazards associated with traditional, toxic chemistries. BioBlend products rely on renewable plant-based chemistries that are safe to use and store.
Overview of Current Products and Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry:
Soil and groundwater remediation  (ClenzSoil System)
Sludge pit remediation     (ClenzSoil Blend)
Tank and Pipeline maintenance   (Clean-Out)
Paraffin build-up (Clean-Out P)
Miscellaneous clean-up     (Beast)
Flowback Aid   (Rebound AQ)
  • Bioblend also has designed a suite of products that enable enhanced flowback and higher hydration in guar slurries. The addition of the Rebound line of products can increase the production of most oil wells as well as decrease the toxicity of chemicals used which is extremely important for the operators.
  • Our revolutionary new oil field strategy: On Time Blending.
    • Cost of any completion project can be decreased with our unique On Time Blending process.
    • This novel approach allows the manufacturer to super concentrate the slurry without the addition of guar.Oil Fields
    • The guar is then added on site allowing for greater flexibility for the operator.
    • Normal problems such as settling and fish eyes are eliminated due to Rebound G and the ability to more effectively hydrate and pump.
    • Rebound G is specifically engineered for use in guar slurries. Due to the low surface tension created by the product, we are able to hydrate guar more efficiently and reach viscosities in the field that were previously unattainable
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