ClenzSoil Petroleum Remediation System

The Bio Blend approach may be thought of as “remediation with results”, considered to be fast petroleum contaminate reduction technology, suitable for all hydrocarbons. Our goal is remediation in weeks rather than years. Our process allows for tremendous cost savings, while safely using “green, enviro-friendly technologies”.  Bio Blend’s approach uses powerful colloidal blends, oxidation applications, enzymatic processes, and microbial enhancement to degrade and destroy hydrocarbon contaminants. 

Our ClenzSoil system uses a closed loop process.  Groundwater is recovered and treated through physical and chemical processes including but not limited to activated carbon, ozone, high concentration oxygen, and an oil/water separator.  This effluent water is amended with a multiple of proprietary blends and products and then reinjected.  Baffles in the injection wells allow the injection to take place at any level in the well allowing for the treatment of the vadose zone or the saturated zone.  Air and/or oxygen release compounds are injected to support the biological and chemical reduction of contaminants in-situ.  Because of the modular design of our system, the process can be adapted for most site specific conditions.

System Features:

  1. Allows for the desorption of contaminants from the soils without heavy emulsions, which enables full plume control, captures free product and frees unknown pockets of contaminant mass through our proprietary extraction methods.
  2. A unique multi-enzymatic blend allows for rapid degradation of contaminates. 
  3. An on-site microbial development system removes native petroleum degraders from the site and is used to inoculate special tanks.  These tanks are used to grow large quantities of petroleum degraders to supplement the in-situ bacteria population weekly.  This speeds the biological break down of the contaminants and provides abundant microbial activity without having to use modified or non-native bacteria.
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