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Clean-Out utilizes ICIS technology to reduce contaminant concentrations in pipelines while protecting the infrastructure as well as the operator due to its low toxicity. Xygrene is the xylene for a new generation.

  • Powerful plant-based industrial cleaner Strong cleaning power without impacting surfaces.
  • Clean-Out is a non flammable formulation made with plant- derived surface active agents which are ecofriendly, nontoxic and biodegradable in the environment within 28 days. This innovative formulation has advanced a new technology that provides powerful cleaning results while protecting the environment.

SourceRock’s strongest industrial cleaner using green solvents.

  • Clean-Out is used in a multitude of cleaning applications that surpass harsh chemical cleaners used today.
  • Greater performance than the industry standard xylene when compared head to head.
  • SourceRock’s answer to replacing xylene for oil field applications.

Clean-Out Service Features and Benefits

By using a strong crystal wax modifier, Clean-Out changes the pour point depression of C18-C24 paraffin and waxy constituents.

Clean-Out has a crystal wax modifier, a green solvent and paraffin dispersant. It has shown to be more effective per weight than industrial xylene. Xylene can only degrade up to half its weight by volume.

Clean-Out on the other hand, can degrade up to 5 times its weight by volume. The crystal wax modifier changes the molecular structure of the paraffin it contacts so that it modulates the flow characteristics, allowing for easier removal either hydraulically or mechanically.

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